Bachelor’s Degree in Theology

The Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, in its on-campus modality, is a protestant and ecumenical course that aims to open a space for theological reflection while maintaining a deep commitment to the various religious communities, inviting inter-religious dialogue, and cultivating disciplines that will have practical value in the daily life of students and their communities. Toward these ends, the program has faculty with diverse pastoral and academic experience and wide research interests, all of which serves to enrich the debate that takes place in the classroom. All professors in this program have Ph.D.’s. The objective of the program is to prepare new ministers for a new and changing reality.

The on-campus version of this course currently has 220 students, and its distance-learning version has 500 students drawn from many parts of Brazil and including a community of Brazilians in Boston.


"I had the privilege and pleasure of visiting the Faculdade Unida de Vitoria a few years ago. I was there, along with Leonardo Boff, the Brazilian Roman Catholic theologian, to be a speaker at a remarkable international conference organized by the Faculdade UNIDA. Several hundred young people from various countries attended, and I was impressed with their dedication and intelligence and their forward looking attitudes. They included Evangelicals/Protestants, Catholics and Pentecostals. It was inspiring to me to think of the future of South America in the hands of these enthusiastic young people. I think that the conference was a real success due in large measure to the careful planning and skilled leadership of Wanderley and other members of his faculty. I further think that the Faculdade Unida has an important contribution to make to the future there, and in the whole global church."


Harvey Cox
Hollis Professor of Divinity, Emeritus
Harvard University