Student Body

UNIDA has about 1,000 students enrolled on its programs, from about 80 different churches, including historical protestants churches, Pentecostal, Neo-Pentecostal, and the Roman Catholic Church. It also has students from other religions, and students who profess no religious affiliation. Of this total, 41% are women and 59% are men; 40% declare themselves to be black; 70% of students are members of Pentecostal churches.

The high growth of Protestant and Pentecostal churches in Brazil is particularly noticable in urban peripheries (favelas or shanty towns). This generates an enormous demand for education and training. At the same time, Brazil has a significant lack of institutions capable of offering quality education and ecumenical commitment. UNIDA presents itself as an institution capable of meeting this demand, anticipating future expansion of its campus and distance-learning programs.