Scholarship Program

UNIDA already maintains several scholarship funds as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR). Over 30% of UNIDA students receive a full or partial scholarship for their studies. With your help, we want to expand this further through two new initiatives ‘Faith in the Future’ and ‘Adopt a Student’.

UNIDAs scholarship programs outperform similar government programs in terms of widening access to higher education. UNIDA works with a number of government and corporate scholarship initiatives:

Bolsa UNIDA – UNIDAs Full Scholarship Program designed for low-income students
PROUNI – A Federal Government Full Scholarship Program for low-income students
EducaMais Brasil – Student recruitment company that grants partial scholarships
Quero Bolsa – Student recruitment company that grants partial scholarships
Evangelisches Missionswerk in Deutschland (Germany) – Full Scholarships targeted at women, Afro-Brazilains, Pentecostals.

For more information on how to give to ‘Faith in the Future’ or ‘Adopt a Student’ CLICK HERE