Research Coordination

UNIDA is committed to research through research groups and peer-reviewed journals. Research groups at UNIDA have two aims: (1) to encourage the participation of students at all levels in research initiatives, (2) to develop collaborative research projects with researchers from other universities and institutions.

Professor Dr. Claudete Beise Ulrich
Coordinator of the Research Group Religion, Gender, Violence: Human Rights


Religion, Gender and Violence research group (REGEVI) reflects with researchers and activists of religious, social and human rights movements on the interrelation between religion, gender and violence, seeking to strengthen the promotion and defense human rights.

RELEP Brasil

The Latin American Network of Pentecostal Studies (RELEP) gathers Latin American Pentecostal scholars and theologians reflecting critically on the relevance, social role, limitations and challenges of this group of world Protestantism in a Latin American context.

Professor Dr. David Mesquiati
Coordinator of RELEP - Latin American Network of Pentecostal Studies

Professor Dr. Kenner Terra
Coordinator of the Research Project Religion Languages

Religious discourse

This Research Group has two objectives: (1) to map the recent research and methodological proposals on theories of discourse and religion; (2) to develop research on the expressions of religion and its discourses.

Chair of Public Theology
and Religious Studies “Rev. João Dias de Araújo “

The Chair offers guest lectures (with UNIDA and invited scholars) and is currently developing a project on Public Theology in relation to religion locally and globally, aiming at the promotion of citizenship. The Chair is dedicated to Reverend João Dias de Araújo (1931-2014), a Presbyterian minister, who forged a theology relevant to and linked with Brazilian and Latin American reality.

The Reverend João Dias de Araújo
Patron of the Chair of Theology and Religious Studies