Lato Sensu Degree

With a policy of continuing education, UNIDA offers several Lato Sensu Degree courses, these include:

Theological Area (Distance learning):

  • Pastoral Theology
  • Contemporary Christian Missiology
  • Theology of the Old Testament
  • Pauline Theology and Literature
  • Religious education
  • Pastoral Counseling and Chaplaincy

Education (Distance learning):

  • Supervision and School Inspection
  • School management
  • Institutional Psychopedagogy

Psychotherapy (on-campus):

  • Family Therapy and Social Policies for Family Care

All these courses are recognized by the Ministry of Education and valid throughout the national territory. Currently, UNIDA has about 250 students enrolled on these various courses.

"When I visited Faculdade Unida to attend a conference on religion, gender, and violence, I was deeply impacted by the synergistic combination of: their commitment to intellectual complexity and a real exchange of ideas across our geopolitical differences, the integration of meaningful rituals of Christian spiritual expression, and their warm, generous hospitality. I found their theory-praxis approach to understanding the role of religion in the politics of community life particularly inspiring for developing an expansive vision of ending violence and routine assaults on human worth and dignity."


Traci C. West
Professor of Christian Ethics and African American Studies
Drew University Theological School