A charitable organization

American Friends of Faculdade Unida is section 501 (c) (3) charitable organization (EIN – Employer Identification Number – 84-3373039). Founded in 2020, with support from the Princeton Theological Seminary, American Friends of UNIDA is part of the UNIDA family. American Friends of UNIDA is a US-registered charitable organization that seeks to support and develop the educational programs of UNIDA in Brazil through financial and scholarship support.

UNIDA is based in the city of Vitória, State of Espírito Santo, in southeast Brazil and is a higher education institute offering undergraduate and graduate programs. The Brazilian Ministry of Education certified all UNIDA courses, placing it amongst a select group of higher education institutes in Brazil in the field of Theology & Religious Studies. Its programs are internationally recognized.

Three characteristics define UNIDA:

(1) An experienced and well-published faculty, all with PhDs.

(2) A strong and relevant research program integrating faculty, students and partnerships with other academic institutions.

(3) A focus on providing educational opportunities at affordable prices, often with scholarships, for people from low-income backgrounds, especially women, and Afro Brazilians.

These characteristics place UNIDA at the forefront of pioneering education that transforms the lives of young Brazilians and develops future leadership for faith communities and for the wider society.

Students at UNIDA come from many different churches, religious traditions, and professions. This intentionally ecumenical environment has been part of the ethos of UNIDA ever since its founding. Currently UNIDA has over 1000 students enrolled in its undergraduate and graduate programs. We have a vision and capacity to reach over 3000 students.

American Friends of Faculdade Unida was founded with one goal: to offer hundreds of scholarships, especially for empowering young black women – from undergraduate to doctorate. As a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, our donors and friends may be tax exempt on their donations.

"I have been privileged to visit Faculdade Unida three times in the past three years, each time to give lectures and participate at her annual conferences which I find enrichingly refreshing each time. UNIDA is a most serene and congenial academic atmosphere, a modest campus with a beehive of academic activities and a hub for social-community networking. The Faculty and Students display a genuine camaraderie, team spirit and fellowship that a theological institution needs. I must admit that the level of intellectual encounter and exchange at those meetings was exceptionally of top quality with robust student and faculty participation. The high level of attendance at those events by colleagues from sister institutions in Brazil, Latin America and beyond means that UNIDA is carving a niche for herself in global theological education and thus has become a must-place to visit."


Afe Adogame
Princeton Theological Seminary